Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc.

Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc.
Seeing the world by tandem bicycle.

About Us

When we first met more than 20 years ago, we were both avid cyclists, participating in events like Ride the Rockies held every summer in Colorado. Our second date was a century ride on our "half-bikes." That very first ride together showed us that even though we both rode bikes regularly we’d never really ride together. We’d start the ride together and then we’d meet at the end of a long Day in the saddle, not having shared the journey at all. (Can YOU identify?)

Tandem Teamwork

After we got married, we decided that a tandem bike was the perfect wedding gift and the perfect solution to cycling together. It was a great decision! Riding a tandem truly allows two individuals to cycle together, unlike single bikes. Tandem bicycles create a strong sense of teamwork, so that when we reach the top of Loveland Pass on our tandem we’re able to share this accomplishment, made sweeter since it’s been a combined effort.

Our Experience

In 1996, we opened Tandem Cycle Works of Colorado, a bike shop in Denver dedicated to the sales and service of tandem bikes. Not only were our work lives centered around tandems, so were our vacations. Whenever we would head out on a tandem tour, our customers would ask about our trips. One Day, we realized we should invite them along! Having organized trips for local bike clubs for years, our extensive experience with travel, combined with our tandem bike expertise made leading tandem tours a natural for us.

Every year since our first tandem tour to Ireland, an increasing number of couples have asked to join us. We have led bike tours in Italy, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Montana, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and, of course, Colorado, (whew!). We have ridden our tandem in too many places to list here, but simply love cycling and sharing these travel experiences with others.

Our Thoughts on Bike Touring

Some touring companies want to herd you like sheep. They try very hard to keep the group together for rest stops, for lunch, and while on the road during the Day. This means that faster riders must slow down and wait for all riders to regroup. This also means that slower riders are continually under pressure to catch up. Some vacation!

This is NOT our philosophy! We believe that you should ride at your own pace, stop when you wish and explore as you desire. We are on the road with you and while we will know where you are, you are free to ride at your own level of comfort and enjoyment.

Our Bike Touring Philosophy

First and foremost, this is your vacation. We want you to have the very BEST time ever! We have learned many things about touring by bike over the years, both from our own personal experiences and from those of our customers. Based upon these experiences we design our tours as we like to travel.

For answers to more questions please contact us. It is very important to us that we are a good fit for those who decide to travel with us. You have many choices for your vacations and we want to make sure that our tours match your travel goals BEFORE you sign up for a trip with Tandem Bicycle Tours.

Patrick Gibbons & Lynn Dexter, Owners

Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc.