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Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc.
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COVID-19 Travel Update

Travel Update from Tandem Bicycle Tours

The health and safety of our guests has always been and will continue to be first and foremost at Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc. The COVID-19 pandemic situation is improving, and we remain hopeful that this continues as we move away from the pandemic. We are seeing that the demand for travel is bouncing back quickly, however, Tandem Bicycle tours, Inc. will remain attentive to the possiblity that future tours may be impacted and we will take responsible actions as needed.

With the re-start of travel and the wide availability of coronavirus vaccines in the U.S., we are requiring that all Tandem Bicycle Tours guests be fully immunized through our 2023 tours. Guidelines provided by CDC indicate that vaccines are safe and effective. Immunization of you, our guides and ourselves ensures that our tours are safe and comfortable for all.

We look forward to travel with you in the near future and please feel free to conatct us with questions.

Thank you,

Patrick Gibbons and Lynn Dexter