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Santorini, Greece by Tania Mousinho on Unsplash

Crete & the Cyclades, Greece, May 12-25, 2024 

Crete & the Cyclades, Greece

Hania Lighthouse, Crete

Hania Crete Lighthouse by Adrien Delforge on Unsplash

Windmills, Oia, Santorini

Windmilss, Cyclades, Vesela Vaclavik on Unsplash

Minoan Palace of Knossos, Crete

Minoan Palace of Knossos, Crete, by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

Some Highlights of this Tour:

Our tour of the Greek Islands focuses on Crete and the Cyclades, known for their natural beauty, rich history, traditional villages and fabulous food. Few places offer the diversity and proximity of Greece’s archipelago. One could spend an entire summer hopping around the islands sampling everything from the remote and mountainous to the chic and cosmopolitan. The combination of islands along with the carefully planned routes and activities will allow us to experience the amazing diversity that these islands have to offer. Exciting rides, culture and history, majestic views, special culinary stops and visits, plus enough free time to allow for swimming and relaxation.

This tour has been curated for Tandem Bicycle Tours by our guide, Yorgos, a Greek native with 20+ years in the travel and tourism industry, as a bike guide, tour planner/designer and as a cruise director. High speed ferries, the most reliable means of getting around the Aegean, will transport us from island-to-island. This allows us to overnight on the islands at a selection of elegant accommodations to fully experience our time in these unique and special places. Plus our planned meals offer a food-lover’s variety of all the traditional recipes for which the region is known.

Highlights include:

Day 1: Arrival Day, Hania, Crete
After arrival in Hania, we will assemble bikes and get ready for our Greek island adventure. Hania, arguably the most beautiful town on the island of Crete, is a port with a charming old town and a picture-perfect lighthouse built by the Venetians. Leave some time to enjoy the ambiance of Hania's Venetian quarter. Tonight we'll enjoy a welcome dinner as we prepare for our time together.
Lodging: Porto Veneziano Hotel

Day 2: Hania to Rethymno
69.1 km - 1,285 m gain
Today we cycle to Rethymno, one of Crete's most enchanting towns. Explore Rethymno's 16th century fortress and the maze of ornate lanes of the Ottoman-Venetian quarter.
Lodging: Menta City Boutique Hotel

Day 3: Rethymno to Anogia
53.2km - 1,247 m gain
We leave the coast this morning and travel inland along quiet roads stopping in sleepy villages that are nestled among the region's olive groves. Our destination is Anogia, a small mountain settlement with a tragic past and a huge reputation.
Lodging: Delina Mountain Resort or similar

Day 4: Anogia to Heraklion
59.4 km - 706 m gain
Our final ride on Crete will lead us to the island's capital. Heraklion is also home to one of Greece's most impressive historical sights, the Minoan Palace of Knossos, and its must-see Archaeological Museum.
Lodging: Megaron, Historical Monument Hotel

Day 5: Crete to Santorini
46.9 km - 1,148 m gain
This morning we leave Crete by ferry that will take us to Santorini in time for a memorable bike ride to the archaeological site of Akrotiri for our guided visit and later in the day to the cosmopolitan village of Oia (pronounced "eeah"). We should be in our elegant hotel in time for a quick swim and a photogenic sunset.
Lodging: El Greco Resort and Spa

Day 6: Hike the Santorini Caldera
Today we switch gears and take to the trails on foot. The views from Santorini's caldera are breathtaking. Alternatively, you can enjoy some rest and explore the colorful side streets of Fira. A special dinner tonight where you will sample some of the island's most famous agricultural products and culinary treasures.
Lodging: El Greco Resort and Spa

Day 7: Santorini to Naxos
24.7 km - 476 m gain
Our ferry will take us to Naxos for another beautiful ride and our comfortable hotel which overlooks the monument of Portara. Naxos will be our home base for the next three days.
Lodging: Hotel Grotta

Day 8: Naxos Loop Ride
56.4 km - 1,260 m gain
Our second ride on Naxos will connect the dots between some of the island's most authentic villages like Chalki, Filoti, Apeiranthos and Potamia, each of which will tempt you to get off your bikes and explore on foot. The views from our ride's summit will give you a glimpse towards the neighboring islands of Paros, Delos and Mykonos, all of which we will visit in the following days.
Lodging: Hotel Grotta

Day 9: Naxos to Paros
51.6 km - 741 m gain
We ferry to the neighboring island of Paros, known in antiquity for its high-quality marble, which was used to create some of the most beautiful ancient statues. You will have the chance to peek into one of the ancient quarries as we ride to the photogenic port town of Naoussa. Plenty of fresh seafood on our dinner table tonight.
Lodging: Hotel Grotta

Day 10: Naxos to Mykonos
12.1 km - 388 m gain
Mykonos is the great glamour island of Greece, but it also has a quiet charm. Whether you are interested in great beaches, fine dining, culture and museums or photography, you will enjoy this famous Greek island.
Lodging: Hotel Madalena

Day 11: Mykonos to Delos
We have a short ferry crossing to the sacred island of Delos, which, according to Greek mythology, is the birthplace of the twin gods, Apollo and Artemis. Delos was also one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean during the Roman era, and at one time was home to 30,000 inhabitants. This archaeological site is exceptionally extensive and rich, so we will plan a walking tour among the ruins. We will be back on Mykonos tonight.
Lodging: Hotel Madalena

Day 12: Mykonos to Tinos
49.3 km - 1,358 m gain
The less-touristy island of Tinos will amaze you with its natural beauty and its 40 marble-ornamented villages. There’s a strong artistic tradition on Tinos, especially for marble sculpting, as in the sculptors’ village of Pyrgos in the north, near the marble quarries. It’s also known widely for its Greek Orthodox pilgrimage site: the Church of the Annunciation, in the port and main town, Hora. Lodging: Tinos Resort

Day 13: Tinos to Rafina/Artemida
6.9 km - 64 m gain
Our island adventure is almost over as we ferry to the mainland. Our final ride from the port town of Rafina to our final hotel is short enough, which will allow enough time to enjoy yet another seaside town and a wonderful final dinner together this evening.
Lodging: Seasabelle

Day 14:
Departure for home or other destinations.

Ferry schedules are published in Spring of each year. As such the itinerary listed here is preliminary and we will not know the EXACT schedule and final tour price until Spring of 2024. The itinerary (the order in which islands are visited) may change depending on the final ferry schedules and weather conditions. While we do not expect much to change, please be advised that changes to this itinerary may occur. Because of this, we have listed a price range for this tour. We guarantee that the price for this tour will not exceed the maximum tour price per person listed below, but until the ferry schedules are made available we cannot provide a final price. So if you are interested in this tour, we ask that you understand that we cannot control ferry schedules and that those who join us are open to changes to this itinerary. However, we expect that this tour will sell out and we are now taking bookings. If you are interested in this tour, please Contact Us for more information or check out our info page to see what's included on a Tandem Bicycle Tour.

Tandem Bicycle Tours strives to find quiet, paved secondary roads/bike paths for cycling and to avoid busy roads as much as possible. The description listed here is a very good approximation of our trips but hotels and routes may change marginally to improve the trip experience.



Local Greek Cuisine

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